About D7 Lead Finder

This tool started as an private project to be used for a group of marketing professionals. Over time I invited others to contribute and have access to the tool. In 2016 I decided to launch the tool free to the public. The growth was quick and server use heavy, but I managed to maintain the project out of my own pocket.

In May 2018 the entire system I used to source all of the data closed down, and sourcing data of the same quality became expensive, a cost I could no longer shoulder on my own. I closed down D7 Lead Finder. Within a couple of weeks I had so many emails asking me to bring it back online, so I quickly swapped out some code and decided to launch with some paid plans, priced as low as I could. Whilst the site was free, I never asked for or accepted donations, but instead solicited donations for 2 charities I feel are important, so feel free to check them out and donate if you wish.

For those who used the project during 2016 and 2017, you will have noticed very big changes to the way the system works There is an added delay whilst getting the data to your screen, but I´m sure you´ll agree all that extra data you get along with the verifications is worth the few extra seconds. There are even bigger changes planned under the hood to speed up the results, and get even more data. You will notice a few additional tools and much better export options too, which I felt were missing.

Whilst the site was free I had made myself pretty much unreachable except to the most determined people who managed to track down my details, but now this has changed, I've put a contact form on the site, and I´m reachable via Live Chat and telephone almost the whole day. Please feel free to send suggestions or reach out for answers. For those wishing to remove their business data, please use the contact form and I´ll get to it ASAP. All data in the system should be Business contact Data. If your personal data somehow makes it into the system, please fill out any of the forms or live chat on the website and it will be removed with the utmost urgency.

Sample Searches

D7 Lead Finder Screenshot - Lead Results

D7 Lead Finder Screenshot - Lead Results

D7 Lead Finder Screenshot - Search Form